November Guided Meditation and New Book Release!

Published: Wed, 11/04/15

Awakened Living 
with Jan Lundy
"You owe it to everyone you love to find pockets of tranquility in your busy world."
~ George Bernanos
November is the most insightful month!
Lovely friend,

I hope this newsletter finds you well. Are you weathering the changes of the season? Are you maintaining inner calm and mental clarity? Is your heart open to what the Universe is offering you right now? 

The answers to these questions serve as the basis of my daily practice lately. Being present to "what is" with a calm body, clear mind, and open heart. Because, very truthfully, "what is" has brought dramatic change into our household, and I need to be as present to myself and to others as I can. Autumn arrived with bushels of change!

Our middle daughter returned home with two of our dear grandchildren (ages 6 and 4) and is expecting her 4th baby NOW. (Well, actually 3 days ago, but little Ben is still "baking," as she describes it.) We volunteered to help out and we are so glad we can at this tender time in their lives. 

There is abundant chaos in our house now—piles of legos, stacks of coloring sheets, and a new dog! Soon there will be diapers and hungry cries in the night. Every moment invites us to care deeply, love large, and cultivate plenty of patience and acceptance. Brad and I have been living alone (quietly!) for seven years, so this is a very BIG change for us. 

Of course, all this is happening at the exact time I am getting ready to publish my new book, Portable Peace: A Weekly Guidebook. Don't you just love the Universe' sense of humor? Just when I was sure I knew how to carry inner peace within me wherever I went, and under every circumstance, I am invited to an even deeper experience of staying calm—no matter what! 

I bet you've experienced times like these in your own life. Life offers us a big challenge and we have the best of intentions to get it right. But sometimes we do lose our patience, or we speak just a little too sharply, or we harbor feelings we wish we didn't. That's why I'm sharing this particular Guided Meditation this month. So you will "Cross Your Heart and Hope to Thrive," and not be hard on yourself when you are just plain human. 

This guided offering comes from my new book. It feels like the perfect one of the 52 inner peace practices in Portable Peace to share with you today. I hope you will take it to heart, practice it often, and be compassionate with yourself, because I know you really are doing the best you can in life—just like me. 

Please read on for news about the release of Portable Peace. Each of us needs all the support and loving guidance we can get to maintain inner calm, because life, by its very nature, is full of surprises!
New book launches soon!
Dear ones, it has been a labor of love to bring together the 52 best practices I know for inner peace—original creations from my heart to yours!

Yes, these are the mindsets and practices I've been sharing with you for years (along with some new ones!) in classes and retreats, and in 1-on-1 spiritual mentoring. Finally, they're all in one place. 

This book is designed as a daily planner/ engagement book. Each week features one method you can use to stay calm, clear, and wise no matter what is happening in your life. You'll be inspired, grounded in serenity, with the help of supportive affirmations too! 

In a few days, I will announce a special pre-order price for Portable Peace. I'll post sample pages so you can see what the inside of this delightful volume looks like. At this price, you may want to order a few extra for holiday gift giving too! 

Stay tuned for details!

All My Love,


Janice Lynne Lundy
Educator, Author and Interfaith Spiritual Director

Affirmation: Today, I remember that there will be many situations or people that may threaten to depose my peace. I do all that I can to respond to these with clear seeing and inner calm.
(from Portable Peace, ""It's Always Something!")
© Janice Lynne Lundy, 2015. 
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