How to Be Strong Like a Tree

Published: Wed, 01/20/16

Awakened Living 
with Jan Lundy
January 2016 News - "Be Strong Like a Tree"
Lovely friend,

It's winter here—seriously winter!—with 2 feet of snow accumulating in 48 hrs., complete with blowing, drifting and white-out conditions. BRRR...

Cozy and warm in my nest, I am glad I know how to stay steady and strong when the storms of life blow in, just like the sturdy maples and oaks outside my window. (Though I had to be knocked down several times before I learned how!)

When intense winds—difficulties, bad news, health scares, financial woes—threaten to knock YOU down, do you know how to "Be Like a Tree"?

I've created this Guided Practice (mp3) to take you through the process of putting down deep roots, strengthening your trunk, and keeping your limbs nimble so you can FLOW with any hardship that comes your way. 

It's my gift to you this January because, more than anything else, I hope you will remain calm, clear and wise no matter what life brings.

("Be Like a Tree" is one of the 52 practices in my new book, Portable Peace)
New downloadable books now available!
Good news, especially for international readers!

Both of my books, My Deepest Me: A 30-Day Guided Journey AND Portable Peace: A Weekly Guidebook are now available as eBooks.

These eBooks are fully downloadable AND printable, too! Print out your copy of Portable Peace and have your 2016 "Inner Peace Planner" right at your fingertips. 

Kudos for Portable Peace

"These days, there’s no shortage of books telling you how to find inner peace. But this book is different because Janice Lundy makes it doable. Lundy wisely offers only one practice a week—52 practices to immerse yourself in until, slowly but surely, inner peace becomes your lifelong companion. By the end of a year, your life will have changed ... A gem of a book."

Toni Bernhard, author of How to Wake Up and 
How to Live Well with Chronic Pain and Illness
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"Rest into the awareness that you are a purposefully created being. Let go, knowing that you are fully supported by an intentional universe with every breath you take. Believe, breathe and be well. 

With deep regard and respect for your inner journey, I am always wishing you well and holding you in loving-kindness.

Blessings of ease and joy to you,

Janice Lynne Lundy
Author, Educator and Interfaith Spiritual Director/Mentor
© Janice Lynne Lundy, 2015. 
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