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Could you be a spiritually fluid person too?

Published: Wed, 05/29/19

Hello Friend, There's a new spiritual term winding its way through the ethers these days - SPIRITUAL FLUIDITY. I discovered it within the pages of a…

Part 2 of my free webinar on The Feminine

Published: Wed, 05/15/19

Hello Friend, I hope today finds you well and flourishing! Staying attuned to The Feminine CAN help us flourish, you know. And also HEAL, which is…

Spring, Easter, Passover Blessings to You!

Published: Thu, 04/18/19

Hello Friend, The rain is falling outside as I write this "Springtime" message to you. April showers will hopefully bring some flowers! It has been…

My big announcement - BIG

Published: Sun, 03/03/19

Hello Friend, Wherever you are in the world, I hope that you are in touch with your good heart. I have a very big announcement to make. BIG! You know…

Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo Me and You

Published: Wed, 01/30/19

Hello Lovely One, Wherever you are in the world, I hope that you are safe and happy. February takes me back on the road and I wanted to let you know…

Could love be calling you home?

Published: Sun, 01/27/19

Dear Spiritual Friend, Even though many folks turn a cynical eye toward Valentine's Day, I actually love this holiday for spiritual reasons. I hear…

My new blog premiers - This Sacred Moment

Published: Tue, 01/15/19

Dear Spiritual Friend, This is the time of year I like to freshen things up—my home, my desk, my website. And now that the "Year of Living Gently" has…

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