Zion Technologies, Inc. - 2016 February Newsletter | Issue No. 2 CORRECTED

Published: Sat, 02/06/16

February 2016  |  Issue No. 2
Microsoft Shifts Windows 10 to 'Recommended' Update, Automatic Download
Microsoft has been increasingly aggressive in its attempts to push consumers to download Windows 10.  Starting February 2, 2016, the company is upping the ante once again.  As of now, Windows 10 is now classified as a "Recommended" update, which means many Windows 7 and 8.1 users will download and begin the installation automatically. 

By default, Windows 7, 8, and 8.1, shipped with updates enabled and a second box - "Give me Recommended updates the same way I receive important updates" checked as well.  Plenty of users have changed these settings, but you can bet millions of people haven't.  To prevent Windows Updates from automatically updating you to Windows 10, make sure your Windows update settings are set to "Check for Updates But Let Me Choose Whether to Download and Install Them".  

To set windows updates to this setting follow this procedure:
  1. Click on the Windows Start button and just type 'Windows Updates', the menu will automatically sort and you will see 'Windows Update' as an option to choose from the menu.
  2. Click on Windows Update from the menu and the Windows Update window will pop open. 
  3. On the left hand side choose the "Change Settings" menu option.
  4. You will now see the screen below in the image.
  5. Under "Important Updates" choose "Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them" from the drop down menu, then select OK. 
Updating to Windows 10 could possibly create headaches for some Windows users such as, some drivers won't update properly.  Some users will misinterpret the installation as malware, since Microsoft hasn't historically updated its operating systems in this fashion.  Some will click on the "Get Windows 10" without realizing it's an entirely new operating system that makes significant changes to how basic system functions work.  Resetting system defaults to MS programs is going to leave some people thinking their previous browser settings or customizations are gone. 

All of these issues come along with any OS upgrade, but OS upgrades are typically something the user initiates.  Please contact Zion Technologies, Inc. before making the move to install Windows 10, so that we can make sure that your transition from your current OS is a smooth one. 
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