BBQ in the Last Frontier!

Published: Sat, 08/26/17

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Wanted to build upon this epic FB post that resonated with a lot of folks. Check it out {here} in case you missed it!

When I look at this photo of the food that I had last weekend, all I see is Food, BBQ. Not bad food or un healthy food. Food that can be eaten from time to time. It was crazy to find BBQ in the middle of the nowhere in Alaska, lol! 

In the moment - of course, I had to snap a photo for education purposes, I was present in that moment with my husband, enjoying and sharing some BBQ that I don't eat on a regular basis.

Key here - SHARE! We shared the entree because it was so much food, and we both would have been uncomfortable if we ate it all by ourselves.

Now, if I did order my own BBQ entree, I would have still practiced mindfulness, been present and stopped before stuffed, because it doesn't feel great to our bodies when we over consume. Also, if you still struggle with the diet mentality, then it also affects you emotionally - guilt, shame, remorse.

When food tastes so good, it is okay to want to indulge past fullness. That's being human. The issue that arises is how we respond to over indulgence, because it will happen. No one eats perfect all the time.

See, this is where you the mindset shift comes in - Food is abundantly available; therefore you don't have to always eat like this will be the last time you will ever get "Said Dish." Or as the saying goes, "you are eating that like it's going out of style!" If that's how you feel, then that's a scarcity mindset. We got some work to do!

I know that I can have BBQ anytime that I want it. Therefore, I don't have to act as if this is the last time that I can have it. Food is abundantly available. <== Keep reminding yourself of this, practice this when working on your relationship with food.

As I write this post, I think back to a time where I was terrified to eat anything resembling what's in the picture, and I if I did, I beat myself up about it. Super guilt, etc....

Next day, I'd be in deprivation mode, restrictions galore, and use exercise as a punishment - until..... you know the cycle, right.

A lot of us know it all too well.

Now, let me be CRYSTAL CLEAR, I'm not encouraging you or anyone to eat with abandon, because that's the other side of it. I do say eat what you like, even when you are trying to lose weight/fat. Love how you eat, and that you should always enjoy your food no matter what season of life you are in.

For example, most diets villainize all carbs, or  say that you can only eat these three items. What if you don't like those three things? So, you're just supposed to eat them, even when they don't taste good to you. Wrong and Nope. You will eventually cave. Why? Because it's not sustainable.

Let me say this again; you have to like how you eat. If you don't like Chicken, there are plenty of other protein sources that you could eat. Another one - you are supposed to eat Kale according to the latest and great diet, but you can't stand the taste. So, you are going to eat it right?! Nope, you won't!

Take my dieting history into play- my coach back in the day told me to pick one vegetable and stick with it through my whole dieting phase - 14 weeks. I was so sick of Green Beans; this was the vegetable that I chose. About a 1/4 fourth way into my diet, I was so over it. It's just been this year that I can eat them again. This craziness was eight years ago.

I leave you with this, no matter your goals, or whatever you are trying to achieve with your body, you have to get your mind right first, and you have to like the foods that you eat. You have to have 100% control of your choices for it to be sustainable.

Fat loss, maintenance, build muscle, etc... you tailor how much you eat (portions) to the task at hand.

We know we need to eat a lot of plants, enough protein, some fruit, carbs, and fats tailored to personal preference and activity level. Lastly sprinkle in the so called bad foods where you see fit, which is optional. I don't know about you, but I like me some pizza, BBQ, or ice cream now and then.

You don't need any diet or quick fix to achieve your goals. You just have to be patient, do the work, and consistently take action!

I don't know about you, but I want to be able to go out to a meal with my loved ones without obsessing about the calories or how much I have to work it off.

Thanks for reading and allowing me to take up space in your inbox!

Questions, thoughts, any struggles that you may be having? Hit reply, I'd be happy to discuss!

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