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Published: Wed, 02/01/23

Transforming Lives Through Chess!

February - 2023

BayAreaChess Tournaments

          Caution: Learning Ahead!

Clubs, Classes, Camps and Championships!

BAC Clubs are drop-in Group-Lessons, with all skill levels covered! No need to Register in advance, just arrive on-site for the single-session fee, any weekend it fits into your schedule. Fun Learning for all levels while also practicing for the upcoming State Championship!!

Cupertino Club, Sundays 5:00-7:00pm
- Ages 5-17, All Level, 2 Hours, $40

San Jose/Milpitas, Saturdays 9:30-11am
- For New to Upper Intermediate, Ages 5-16, 90mins, $30

Palo Alto Club, Saturdays 2:30-4:30pm 
- Ages 5-17, All Level, 2 Hours, $40

San Jose/Milpitas, Saturdays 12:00-2:00pm
- GM Led Club for Intermediate to Advanced! Ages 6-17, 2 Hours, $50

Fremont Club, Fridays 4:30-6:00pm
- Ages 5-17, All Level, 90mins, $30

We appreciate the over 100 participants in our Free January 2023 Club Raffle!
6 winners were randomly selected and took home a Crate of Chess-themed Prizes.
Pictured below are two of our winners from the Palo Alto Chess Club.

 Camps, 2023!

Prez Camp (San Jose) : Feb 21- Feb 24
Spring Camps : April 3 - April 14
Summer Camps : June 3 - Aug 18 

 Join us for Chess, Master-Chess or Strategy-Games Camps!  Over 60 camps posted!

The State Championship is Right Around the Corner!

We want to make sure kids are prepared for the 'SuperStates' Triple-Weekend event this Spring, with over 1000 in attendance!  'The Big One'
All ages and Levels!
   *Grades K-3 and K-5 : March 11-12
   *Grades K-6 and K-8 : April 1-2
   *Grades K-12 : April 15-16

BAC Online Classes:
Feb 20 - April 7th 

Term programs are 7 weeks each and come with complimentary Gold Memberships to Chesskid.com for a memorable Learning experience. Join us for Track A2!  
Picture: The BAC/Chesskid.com Rating Leaderboard, with over 4200 BAC players!


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