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Published: Fri, 11/10/23

Transforming Lives Through Chess!


 In the Endgame; 2023!

BayAreaChess Tournaments

We wish to extend a Special Thank-You to all of those players that joined us at the Grade-Level Championship on November 4-5!  We had an amazing weekend, congratulations to all participants! We look forward to seeing you at more events to come: Tournaments! 
We would like to spotlight a few of our new State Champions from BAC, below: 

Kaihan - Grade K Champion
Kaihan: Kindergarten State Champion: 
Joins BAC on Tuesdays at Harker Chess Class.
Kaihan went undefeated with a perfect score of 5 out of 5.

Grade 1 Champion
Rosalyn: 1st-Grade State Champion:
Joins BAC at the
Palo Alto Saturday Club and Regular/Master Camps!
Rosalyn went undefeated with a perfect score of 5 out of 5.

Vihaan: 3rd-Grade State Champion: 
Joins BAC at Weibel Chess and Fremont Camps!
Vihaan went undefeated with a perfect score of 5 out of 5.

 BAC Chess Clubs, drop-in Fun and Learning, every weekend!

  (Special Prizes on 11/11-11/12! Closed 11/24-11/26)

 - Santa Clara Classes (5:30pm on Mondays).
 - Palo Alto Classes (2:30pm on Saturdays).
 - San Jose Classes (9:30am on Saturdays).
 - San Jose Advanced (12pm on Saturdays).
 - Cupertino Classes (5:00pm on Sundays).
 - Fremont Classes (4:30 on Fridays).


 Fall and Winter Camps, 2023!

YES! It's time for Camps, again!  BAC Camps are in 4-hour blocks (RWC is 3 hours). Learn more and register below!
  - Thanksgiving 3-day Camp: Palo Alto.
  - 12/26-12/29 WINTER Camps in: 
     San Jose / Palo Alto / Redwood City. 
*We have updated our Waiver system!

 Rising Star Tournaments:   Gateway to Competition

These monthly non-rated weekend tournaments help kids and parents ease into competitive play with a casual Tournament Experience and an informative parent seminar for first-timers!  Upcoming: Saturday 11/11 in San Jose !

BAC and Azhar Family are offering 20% off the discounted price for Demystifying Wealth, a program that enables you to manage your money. 
Check out https://tinyurl.com/demystifying-wealth for more details.



A virtual prize-currently for BAC Tournaments! Many of our smaller rated tournament events (and some championships on Chesskid.com) will earn a player 'BA‚ā¨', which can be saved or spent on prizes like Medals, Trophies, Free Classes, Chess Clocks or Notation Booklets.


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