A Free Coloring Page for You - Tell Me What You Think!

Published: Mon, 03/16/20

I am going to be posting coloring pages for sale on Etsy but I wanted to give you all a free download to test out for me :)

Here is a link to a zipped file that includes what you would get if you bought it from my Etsy shop. Let me know if:
  1. The included PDF is useful
  2. The printable files of the coloring page are the right formats for you
  3. If you like having the files zipped or would prefer them separately. On Etsy I can have 3 files so these would be fine individually but you would have to download them each one at a time
  4. Is there anything you would want added to the packet to make it more usable?
Here is the link to download a zip of the files. It is a free coloring page of a mandala. Nothing to sign up for (you are already on the mailing list!) No hoops to jump through. Just the zip file that will include one PDF of instructions, 1 jpg and 1 pdf of the mandala.


Please reply to this email with the answers to my questions or with your suggestions!

Deborah Carney
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