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JCS 52: Control (1 min 47)

Published: Wed, 02/24/21

An Interesting Week Time to read: 1 minutes 47 seconds Last week, Facebook removed news from it's platform for Australian users. This resulted in the…

JCS 51 - A big price drop

Published: Wed, 04/29/20

It's Time Time to read: 2 minutes 07 seconds Here's a fact: Digital marketing is cheaper today than it's been in years. Look at this: In just the past…

JCS 50 - The 'new' new normal (2 mins 48)

Published: Wed, 04/22/20

Out of Quarantine Time to read: 2 minutes 48 seconds I'm out of quarantine for good and breathing fresh air for the first time in 2 weeks! A big thank…

JCS 49 - More on discounting (37 secs)

Published: Wed, 04/15/20

More on Discounting Time to read: 37 seconds After my latest email to you, I had a client of mine reply with a great additional resource which I…

JCS 48 - Pricing problems (1 min 49)

Published: Mon, 04/13/20

Easter Time to read: 1 minute 49 seconds I hope everyone had a nice Easter. I took the long weekend off, away from work to just decompress a bit and…

JCS 46 - Back in Australia (2 mins 55)

Published: Mon, 04/06/20

What a Week Time to read: 2 minutes 55 seconds Apologies for missing last Thursday's email to you, I was frantically trying to book a flight back home…

JCS 43 - A little help (49 secs)

Published: Tue, 03/17/20

Things Are... Strange Right Now Time to read: 49 seconds As business owners, we're all aware that we've entered a 'strange' time to be operating. Some…

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