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JCS 31 - Supporting evidence (1 min 40)

Published: Mon, 07/15/19

How to turn weak statements into strong selling points. Show Don't Tell Time to read: 1 minute 40 seconds If you're writing sales copy, here's a tip:…

JCS 30 - Analogue vs Digital (3 mins 50)

Published: Tue, 07/09/19

Pros vs cons in my work process. Some e amples. Why I Still Write On Paper Time to read: 3 minutes 50 seconds Something that always surprises others…

JCS 29 - Birthday thoughts (1 min 50)

Published: Wed, 07/03/19

Today is my birthday and here are 14 things I'm thinking about. It's My Birthday Time to read: 1 minutes 50 seconds I'm not a big celebrator of…

JCS 25 - Assumptions kill (2 mins)

Published: Thu, 06/20/19

Remember this short acronym: FAB. It'll fi your assumption problems. Assumptions Kill Sales Time to read: 2 minutes I was having a coffee yesterday…

JCS 23 - 2 things to note

Published: Tue, 06/11/19

Don't lose sight of this; it makes all the difference between success and struggle. Two Things Of Note When you consider the core of any business,…

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