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JCS 42 - Digest 😎 (3 mins 30)

Published: Wed, 03/11/20

Digest Time Time to read: 3 minutes 30 seconds Here's something new, a digest of things I've posted on LinkedIn recently. CONSISTENCY Anthony Trollope…

JCS 41 - My 'origin' story (6 min 48)

Published: Mon, 03/09/20

The Ol' Razzle Dazzle Time to read: 6 minutes 48 seconds So, last week I mentioned I would continue on about how I got my old bo ing gym going. It's…

JCS 40 - 2-step feedback (4 mins 20)

Published: Mon, 03/02/20

Feedback Time to read: 4 minutes 20 seconds In my last email, I wrote about the steps I'd take to transform a Muay Thai gym from 'me too' to 'must…

JCS 39 - A tale of 3 gyms (5 mins)

Published: Wed, 02/26/20

A need to be different Time to read: 5 minutes So, as I mentioned in my last email, I'm currently in Thailand. One of the things I've decided to do…

JCS 38: COVID-19? 🤔 (3 mins)

Published: Mon, 02/24/20

Not the start to 2020 I had planned ... Time to read: 3 minutes A LOT has happened since my last email... I'm currently in Thailand at our new beach…

JCS 37 - The next 5 years (2 mins 38)

Published: Thu, 09/12/19

What I'm working on and why. The Ne t 5 Years Time to read: 2 minutes 38 seconds You may have noticed some radio silence from me lately, and there's…

JCS 35 - What's the next step? (4 mins 15)

Published: Mon, 09/02/19

The real reason people get stuck... What's the ne t step? Time to read: 4 minutes 15 seconds When people don't know the ne t step they need to take,…

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