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Published: Sat, 06/18/22

Hey there!

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It includes 52 PLR reports:

Report 1: Self Reliant Mindset
Report 2: Sharpen Your Social Skills
Report 3: Traits of a Good Friend
Report 4: Kick-Start a Healthy Lifestyle
Report 5: Random Acts of Kindness
Report 6: Prioritize Your Tasks
Report 7: How to Lighten Up
Report 8: The Lies We Tell Ourselves
Report 9: Put Things in Perspective
Report 10: Stop Making The Same Mistakes
Report 11: Spring-Clean Your Life
Report 12: How to Speak Up
Report 13: Things to Do At Home Alone
Report 14: Social Skills For Success
Report 15: How to Tell If Someone Is Lying
Report 16: How to Be Less Awkward
Report 17: 9 Ways to Ruin an Apology
Report 18: Live Life More Strategically
Report 19: Signs You Complain Too Much
Report 20: Warning Signs of Gaslighting
Report 21: Accepting Blame When You Deserve It
Report 22: Learn Anything Faster
Report 23: How Working With a Coach Can Help You
Report 24: Effectively Plan Your Day
Report 25: Overcome Deadline Stress
Report 26: Develop Closer Relationships
Report 27: Everyday Distractions That Hold Us Back
Report 28: Slowing Down in a Fast-Paced World
Report 29: Dealing With Rejection
Report 30: Staying Optimistic When Business is Slow
Report 31: How to Get Good Advice
Report 32: Stop Feeling Guilty About Self-Care
Report 33: Habits of Likable People
Report 34: Common Challenges We All Face
Report 35: Embracing Your Later Years
Report 36: Maintaining Friendships
Report 37: Become More Adaptable
Report 38: Limited Thinking Patterns
Report 39: Stop Wasting Your Time
Report 40: Stop Making The Same Mistakes
Report 41: Getting Through Tough Times
Report 42: Behaviors Blocking Your Success
Report 43: Be a Leader People Want to Follow
Report 44: Benefits of Compassion
Report 45: Manage Relationship Anxiety
Report 46: Becoming A Morning Person
Report 47: Becoming A Better Writer
Report 48: Appreciate Life More
Report 49: Stop Seeking Validation
Report 50: Get The Most Out of Therapy
Report 51: Maintain Focus Under Pressure
Report 52: Defeating Procrastination

Amazing, right? ;)

I just had to tell you 'cause it's tiime limited!

Have a great weekend.