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Arabinex - Butyric acid

Published: Thu, 09/27/18

Dear Pet Parent,Beau and I were fortunate enough to have a Ginkgo Biloba tree in the front yard of our last house. This tree was the most beautiful…

Is it all going to CRAP?

Published: Thu, 08/23/18

Dear Pet Parent,If you have been in our office, you have heard my spiel on the deleterious side effects of antibiotics! While we are fortunate to have…

Is your pet a damp mess?

Published: Thu, 08/02/18

Dear Pet Parent,The Damp Season is upon us!We have officially crossed over into the Earth's element. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM, the Earth…

A Holistic Perspective of Spay/Neutering

Published: Mon, 07/16/18

Dear Pet Parent,It's not easy being one of a few holistic veterinarians in the southeast. I am constantly stretching my clients' thinking. I get a LOT…

Fireworks and Fur Babies Don't Mix

Published: Thu, 06/28/18

THE FOURTH OF JULY IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER Dear Pet Parent,We hope you all get time away from work to rela and enjoy friends, family and your four…


Published: Thu, 06/07/18

Dear Pet Parent,All of us here at Well Being Medicine are gearing up for summer. Summer is an e citing time to be outside celeb rating the beautiful…


Published: Tue, 05/15/18

Dear Pet Parent,It's that time of year to talk about the super pests we all have to deal with here in the south..FLEAS!!!I don't know if there's…

Don't miss out on Spring Cleaning!

Published: Thu, 04/05/18

Dear Pet Parent, Spring is in full force, the trees are blooming, the birds are singing and the pollen has blanketed everything in sight. As most of…

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