[Health] One Simple Understanding Changes Everything...Ready?

Published: Fri, 01/15/16

 One Simple Understanding Changes Everything…Ready?

Your poor health (external) is the most efficient “check engine light” God could rig to show you problems with your thinking and beliefs (internal).

This week I've coached three different people with varying health conditions. One person with a crazy ER level flu, a person with serious bed rest pregnancy & and someone with near paralysis.

My flu sufferer was a teenager and she was the most flexible and accepting hearing the source of her illness. That makes sense because she's only had a good decade or so to build her defenses and denials up. Origin? Crazy break up with on again/off again guy who she KNOWS isn’t right for her but is having difficultly allowing that truth and truly leaving.  

A Course in Miracles says sickness is merely a defense to truth. Sorry to spring this on you-but it's correct.  And yes, I hate that too sometimes. I want the source of my cold to be that kid that sneezed on me at Walmart, not ME. 

Need some more help with this idea? Keep reading…

Most of you reading this can remember the way cars used to be. If the oil got low in your car, a little red light came on that said OIL or showed an oil can.

If the car was overheating there was a gauge or a light for that too. Only the incredibly foolish or overly optimistic kept driving a car for days and weeks after these lights came on expecting nothing bad to happen. Most of you probably remember hearing of somebody who blew up a car engine because it was out of oil.

So here is the radical news: Your illnesses and sicknesses are basically a check engine light on your life lit up by the Universe.

Everything begins with thought. You already know that, but do you carry it to its logical conclusion and apply it? When something is wrong with your body it is because something was first wrong within your mind and your thoughts, feelings and emotions.   As within, so without.

In fact whatever was wrong - as in “not aligned with love or truth” – had been there for a goodly while before it rose to the level of strength required to trigger your "Check Engine Light". 

Maybe. You. Ignored. It.

Yep, you know that's a bad idea for a car but when it comes to your body (which is in doing more precious work) we just tend to ignore these things and kind a hope they'll go away on their own. We think fear-based thoughts and make ourselves anxious, stressed and uneasy and we expect absolutely nothing to come of it!

Even if you didn’t like physics class we can all recite “Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it just changes form.” So if you focus (purposefully or not) until you have a big wad of fearful, stressful energy INSIDE of you and even if YOU don’t do anything with it - it is doing something WITH YOU.

When we get sick we get tempted - because we are seeing the illness signs on the External - to apply only External solutions to an Internal problem. Except this is not only an external problem. All external problems have internal origins. As within, so without. Sneaky how true that is!

Should you do some external things for relief? Sure. But for real resolution? Start with the Internal first. When you are sick, you are wrong about something that you think you are right about.

You are not telling yourself the truth or accepting the truth about something. (That can be as simple as you let people treat you horribly, like you are not enough and you are wrong – You ARE Enough. You were BORN enough).

Your illness is the check engine light. It's how God talks to you to tell you that something has to be done with some belief that you have right now. And yes, it can be a subconscious belief you can’t spot. That’s what coaches help with.

Write me and let me know if these articles are helping you. I am coaching you. I can either write “12 Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom for Valentine’s Day” or I can write articles that make you think and stretch and question how you’ve operated in the past so you can grow. 

Please keep emailing me and telling me your thoughts.  Is there a problem you want tackled? If it is common enough, I’ll answer it for you and everyone else if you ask. Maybe we’ll do a Spiritual Dear Abbey in February? We’ll see…

There is more to this article. I was on a roll. If it was really resonating, click here and read the rest that talks more about hidden beliefs in your subconscious…

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P.S. Thank you for being committed and reading these emails weekly. Challenging yourself. You don't need to agree with me but you should know where YOUR health stands. Most of my prior health issues came from heartbreak - very powerful fear.

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