✨ News and Updates! Fall 2016 ✨

Published: Sat, 11/05/16

November 5, 2016
Our first anniversary edition!
Fall 2016 Micro-Grant Recipient Announced!

Unfold is a wallet company based in Mbale, Uganda. Last year, Melissa LaReau, the founder, learned a lot about the region and formed meaningful relationships while living there and wanted to create a business that had a positive social impact for local communities.

The Unfold Kickstarter campaign raised over $8,000 last spring and allowed them to purchase the materials they needed to get started. They reached out to The Stardust-Startup Factory for a micro-grant to help fund new sewing machines, stools, desks, food for the staff, consulting, and marketing materials.​​​​​​​

To learn more about Unfold, visit their website at www.discoverunfold.com and their original Kickstarter campaign.  To purchase wallets, handbags, and accessories from Unfold visit their store. 

discover unfold
We're so excited to be working with Melissa! We believe that Unfold holds the key to a project with values that matter: locally-sourced, sustainable, creative and beautiful products that benefit members in the community and invite people all around the world to share that appreciation and gain new perspectives on the world. 
Working with Colleges and Universities to expand intern opportunities...
​​​​​​​The work of running the Stardust-Startup Factory requires a wide variety of skills, expertise, and dedication. We are excited to announce Stardust collaboration with Northern Virginia Community College (Honors Program partnering with Adult Career Pathways/Career and Experiential Learning Services), Hartwick College (The Center for Professional, Service, and Global Engagement) , and McGill University (Career Planning Services - CaPS). Student interns have the opportunity to grow and to hone their skill sets in areas of marketing, fundraising, event planning, and more! Check out our full list of intern opportunities. 
We post on Facebook every other day! Make sure to keep logging in to stay updated on everything we're doing. #SSFvalues
+ Updates from March 2016 Micro-grant Recipients
All updates from previous microgrant recipients can be found on the 'Portfolio' section of our website! Josh has been having some difficulties recently with all the wet weather in North Carolina, but he has cleared all the land and is now in the process of removing the brush and starting to organize the pond area. Elvis is continuing his work with the community farms in Ghana.  Joslyn found the ideal source for All Watch bands; production is set for Spring time in New York.  Tami Thomas and The MirIAM Rehabilitation Program are finalizing the workspace for next season's soft shell crab sales.

+ Google Ad Grant-​​​ Our First Corporate Award!
✨  The Stardust-Startup Factory is a recipient of a Google Ad Grants award. The Google Ad Grants program supports registered nonprofit organizations that share Google's philosophy of community service to help the world in areas such as science and technology, education, global public health, the environment, youth advocacy, and the arts. Google Ad Grants is an in-kind advertising program that awards free online advertising to nonprofits via Google AdWords."
Recent Events...
The Stardust-Startup Factory is expanding its funding stream! Jean's just published her memoirs as the eBook Series Afghanistan: Lessons in Situational Awareness from a S.A.P. deployed in the civilian surge.  All proceeds from the book sales benefit The Stardust-Startup Factory! 
To access the eBooks go to abemdigitalcreationsbooks.com

Also, check out "Spiritual Alchemy: Moving from grief to purpose" to hear Jean's interview with Idaho Springs, CO Community Radio 102.7 talkshow host Jerry Fabyanic (author of "Sisyphus Wins").
+ Introducing the Stardust Store! Check out a sample of our inventory...
All items in the store are our “gifts” to you for your tax free donations. All proceeds from the Store support The Stardust-Startup Factory.​​​​​​​
More items are available in the store...
+ Wondering how you can help us?
  • This holiday season, think outside the box! If you're hosting a party or event, consider displaying a raffle basket or door prizes to raise money for a Stardust micro-grant. Contact us to receive a media package including brochures, postcards, images, and more.
How many times will you use Amazon.com to shop for gifts?  
Use Amazon Smile every time you shop on Amazon to donate at no cost to you! Amazon pays; we all win.
Moving into our Second Year

September 26, 2016 marked the first anniversary of Angus Moloney’s passing. And September 28, 2016 marked the first birthday of the Stardust-Startup Factory.  

Now, as we move into our second year, the focus is on outreach and building/strengthening our community.   ​​​​​​​
The Stardust community consists of our core team, our contributors, and our micro-grant recipients. Each member of the Stardust family adds creative energy, helping us achieve our mission and purpose. Thanks to you ALL!  Please visit the website to learn more about ways you can Get Involved
"Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care."
    -  Angus Moloney, from his notes on business development.
Laura Jean Palmer-Moloney
Laura Jean Palmer-Moloney & Camille Babington