🌸 Late Spring 2017 Newsletter 🌸

Published: Fri, 06/23/17

Meet Our New Micro-Grant Recipients!
Celina Muire

Hound Makerspace

As a woodworker and pyrographer, Celina Muire, had learned a lesson: though there are numerous government programs and private resources for tech start-ups and artists, far fewer resources are available for those who manufacture artisanal products on an independent level.

She is determined to find a way to empower and encourage makers like herself to thrive in her hometown of Austin, Texas. To realize her dream, Celina has been working with a strong group of makers and entrepreneurs in Austin, Texas to create Hound Makerspace.

Stardust’s grant is buying the DSLR camera and other tools for Hound members’ photo studio.

Ethan Krauss

Ion Powered Aircraft

Ethan Krauss, founder and president of Electron Air, LLC, has a dream: to create the first Ion and electron wind powered craft to carry its power source onboard.

To date, Ethan's prototype designs have demonstrated flight times exceed those of a helicopter of similar weight, with nearly silent flight. Ethan's invention, which is awaiting patent, is a silent and self-contained, which means it can lift its own power source.

Future versions of this technology could be autonomous, fly higher, and be even more powerful.  

Stardust's grant funded an important piece of the updated aircraft that will allow for these progressive changes.

Lumbrick Team

Sarah Pellerin, Amir Abushanab, Ghalia Abdul-Baki, Judith Li, and Line Jaber

This social venture led by a student group from McGill University aims to increase the food security and spendable income of refugee communities by supplying them with a low-cost direct substitute for firewood: briquettes made of agricultural waste.

The issue of refugees globally is an important one that has received increased public attention most recently. The focus on appropriate and sustainable fuel sources for cooking has wide-reaching social and environmental implications.

Stardust’s grant helped fund their pilot project at the Timagolo refugee camp in Cameroon this summer.

Breaking News from Lumbrick!

"Hi Stardust Team,

We just wanted to share the news that we won the World Vision pitch to get $30,000!!! Thank you so very much for being the first organization to believe in us. We'll continue working hard to realize our goal.


The Lumbrick Team"

June 22, 2017

Stardust Midsummer Social
A wonderful afternoon spent chatting, meeting new people, eating, and listening to live music marks our 2nd annual social event we've hosted in Eastern North Carolina (last year was Dance Under The Stars). Thanks to all who came!

The midsummer social hosted by The Stardust-Startup Factory and ABEM Digital Creations, was in conjunction with business ribbon cutting sponsored by the Carteret County Chamber of Commerce

We had live music by Caroline Venters and Sarah Hollis of Carolina Sky and had awesome door prizes (including dinner gift certificates from Blackbeard's Grill & Steam Bar and Crab's Claw Oceanfront Caribbean Restaurant, gift certificates from Tidal Treasures Gift Shop and Atlantic Beach Coffee Shop, as well as two framed photos by Chuck Hill and two wallets handcrafted in Uganda by Unfold.)

Thanks to all of those who joined us!

After an informal social time enjoying music and conversation, Stardust and ABEM were welcomed into the Carteret County business community by Julie Naegelen, Director of Membership Services, Carteret County Chamber of Commerce.“Open for Business” ribbon cuttings were followed by a ribbon tying, ceremoniously joining the two businesses!

​​​​​​​Stardust co-creators Camille Babington, Jim Moloney, and Laura Jean Palmer-Moloney attended, as well as Board of Directors member Ted Cope. 

Stardust micro-grant recipient Tami Thomas (below) shared her story with others and to explain how the Stardust funds are helping the MirIAM rehabilitation program move forward.  

​​​​​​​Thanks to Harris Teeter and Food Lion for their generous donations of food and refreshments, and thanks to Hale’s Bakery for providing their banquet room and beverages for the event. 

 Re-launch of our website!
 Check out the new and improved Stardust-Startup Factory website! Our goal was to create a dynamic website with engaging stories and images that is easy to navigate. We've improved our home page, and added gallery and events pages.
 We'd like to know what you think...
It has been 21 months since The Stardust-Startup Factory began, and one of the best things about keeping this organization going is the amazing community of supporters we have surrounding us. 

Your continued love, advice, and donations are so crucial to our development as a nonprofit.

We would appreciate your thoughts and feedback on how we can improve communication with you, products available for donations, our website, and possible upcoming projects and events.
 Stardust Volunteer Update

We are thrilled to welcome the following volunteers to our Stardust community:

  • Liz Dao, NOVA intern, who is setting up our Starry Sky Tribute Page (details coming soon!) 
  • Nicolette Lapalme, NOVA intern, who is a blog writer
  • Dominique Hoffman, founder of Zizania, who will be writing blogs and helping with grant writing
 Shopping Reminders!
Now that Amazon has bought Whole Foods, more of you may be shopping online! When you’re on Amazon (US), remember to log-in using “smile.amazon.com” and to choose The Stardust-Startup Factory as your charity of choice. Check out this video for a how-to.

And remember to check out the Stardust store for some great books and hand-knitted items!
 Upcoming Summer and Autumn Events
Summit County, Colorado

Oneonta, New York

St. Louis, Missouri
Boulder/Denver, Colorado

Montreal, Quebec


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 - Angus Moloney's notes on business

Laura Jean Palmer-Moloney and Camille Babington
The Stardust-Startup Factory