Happy Holidays

Published: Sun, 12/18/16

Happy Holidays,

As I write this, the temperature here in Minnesota is -19 and the windchill is -35. Last Friday we had 6" of fluffy white stuff. Thankfully, the frigid temps are predicted to last only for a day. After a long, beautiful fall, winter has definitely arrived in Minnesota.

The final draft of the 7th Santana novel is nearly complete. I plan to have it finished by the end of the month. Then it's on to the editing process. Still discussing a few options for the title. I'll let all of you know once the decision is made.

Reminder: If you would like your name to appear in the upcoming Santana novel, just answer the five questions below from The Darkness Hunter and send them to me. You must answer all questions correctly to be eligible for the drawing. I've received a number of emails asking if the contest can be extended. So the absolute final date to have your responses to me will be January 15, 2017. 

Here are the five questions from The Darkness Hunter:

1. Why wouldn’t Clay Buck’s truck start?
2. Danielle Lonetree was a member of what Sioux tribe?
3. Sam Noor suffocated in what type of sand?
4. How was Thomas Stark killed?
5. What was Ray Carver’s job before he retired?

Email your responses to [email protected] 

As the end of another year approaches, I want to thank all of you for your wonderful support. The John Santana novels continue to grow in popularity, not only in the U.S., but in the U.K., Australia, and Canada as well––and it's all because of you, my loyal readers.

Next year will be a busy one with the release of the 7th John Santana novel. There will be more contests, giveaways, and, if the technology works, You Tube videos, where we can communicate directly. Stayed tuned.  

For now,

Here's wishing you and yours the best of holidays and a very Happy New Year!