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Improving Focus with Time ⏰Constraint

Published: Sat, 02/16/19

Forever Learning Newsletter Improving Focus with Time ⏰ Constraints (Pomodoro Technique) Read on the Blog Friends, thank you for being a subscriber…

Care Less and Make Less Decisions

Published: Sat, 04/29/17

An interesting thing started happening as I began to do more self-improvement e periments - I was making less decisions and as a result, more rela ed…

experiment: asking for honest feedback (ouch!)

Published: Thu, 06/09/16

For last month’s e periment, I wanted to involve people closest to me – family, friends, and co-workers.So, I wrote up a few questions – a survey –…

for 30 days, I smiled at strangers :)

Published: Mon, 05/02/16

30-Day E periments for a Better Life Last month, while cleaning up my room, I stumbled across my Kodak printed baby pictures which I had tucked away a…

Results of 30-Days of Being Kind :)

Published: Sat, 03/26/16

Now that you know why and how to do 30-day self e periments (see my previous emails to you!) … I wanted to share some results from one of my best e…

experiments - how they all began

Published: Sun, 03/20/16

Hey, so in this email I will tell you how and why I started doing 30-day e periments.It was Sunday morning and I had woken up early to read another…