Results for June's 30-Day Experiment (plus fun quiz!)

Published: Thu, 07/07/16

Friends, I am excited to share with you the results of June’s 30 day experiment!
Oh, happy Canada Day and soon-to-be Independence Day to my American readers
… US & CAD always seem to have a friendly competition!

Experiment: Have a Physical Inbox to Contain Things without a Designated Place

Category: Living Environment

Before (Problem): Do you or someone you know keep misplacing items like wallet,
keys, receipts, or headphones? Well, my father and I kept doing that all the time.
It wasted time, energy, and even sometimes give us a bad mood.
So, I started thinking of ways to eliminate that an almost have like a physical space
where I would put all things that don’t have a home.

After (Solution): Getting inspiration from a “lost and found” box at my workplace,
I thought why not have a similar box at home which would contain all the items that
don’t have a designated place – keys, receipts, headphones, or other items.


*picture - physical inbox for my room*

Above is the picture of the physical box I have in my room in which I put my
keys, receipts, wallet, or anything that does not have a designated place. The second
picture is a key hanger for my father and the family (no more of me trying to help 
them find the keys ^_^)
p.s I also wrote an article in which I covered the various areas of your life you
could experiment with! Give it a read here and take the fun quiz!