Weekend Reading, June 24, 2016

Published: Fri, 06/24/16

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Happy Friday fellow Clean Swifters. It’s been a crazy week of watching and writing about WWDC videos and new technology for me. Xcode 8 beta has been fairly stable for me, and it’s really fun digging into some of the new frameworks.

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Each year, so many of the articles you come across related to WWDC are focused on how changes impact you as a developer. Well what about your design-oriented colleagues? This was a cool round about about what’s new for designers coming out of WWDC 2016. And even if you aren’t a designer, it’s always good to be familiar with the trade.


Runtime is a new podcast, their third episode just launched this week, and I’m digging it. Sam Soffes and Caleb Davenport talk about Swift and iOS development.

Recommended WWDC Session of the Week


I need to watch this video like five more times. I LOVE the concept of “Local Reasoning” - it’s one of the most attractive things to me about functional programming, the concept that “when you look at the code right in front of you, you don't have to look at the rest of the code to know how it behaves.” This session shows some great patterns for applying it to UI code.


Following up on the new patterns presented by Apple related to protocol oriented programming, here’s a presentation by Nick O’Neill that continues to explore new patterns emerging in Swift for UI Code.


I hadn’t seen this before. Apple highlighting different development community members to share success stories and educate others.

iOS Development

Sometimes you need to go deeper than UIImagePickerController. “The advantage of using AVFoundation instead of the out-of-the-shelf solutions such as the UIImagePickerController, is that you get access to the single camera pixels. In this way, you can process video frames in real-time using frameworks such as Metal, Core Image, Core Audio or Accelerate.”

In case you missed it


The UIPasteboard iOS 10 API has two significant additions to help write features for the Universal Clipboard. I describe these additions with sample code.


My desk often looks more like the top, except for the hardware.

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