Weekend Reading, July 15, 2016

Published: Fri, 07/15/16

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Happy Weekend fellow Clean Swifters. I've been spending all week in "sprint." Not the agile software kind, but instead it's a format proposed by Jake Knapp of Google Ventures. It's designed to learn what product you should build based on your customer needs in a short period of time (one week). I'm looking forward to some downtime over the weekend. Here's what I'll be catching up on.

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Here's the model my team is following this week to discover the next major iteration of one of our mobile apps.


I had heard this was coming and kept peaking at he WWDC videos to look for it. Finally it is here.


Apple has open sourced Playground support!

Ray Wenderlich

Learn how to implement a Swift Tree data structure through this hands-on tutorial.

iOS(developer: tips)

Arthur Ariel Sabintsev’s Siren project notifies a user when the version of an app installed on device is older than the version in the App Store.

Erica Sadun

I love Erica Sadun's blog. Here's the best article of the week.

Code Envato Tuts+

Look forward to a cleanswifter.com Xcode Plugin later this fall. 😎


WWDC video of the week. The Swift Playgrounds app is awesome, and playground books look even better.


The Inline Method Refactoring in Swift is the exact opposite of Extract Method. It's useful in a couple cases. Here's how to perform it.

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