Weekend Reading, July 29, 2016

Published: Fri, 07/29/16

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Happy Weekend fellow Clean Swifters. I was on vacation last week in Sea Isle City, New Jersey. You might know it as "the Jersey shore." The downtime at the beach felt great and now I'm back at it this week, recharged and refreshed. Here's what I'll be catching up on this coming weekend.

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Big Nerd Ranch

Third-party solutions complicate automated testing in your app. Solve this by using fakes to test external dependencies in your code. This is especially relevant to some work I was doing this week refactoring how our tests interact with RestKit, a third party library.

Facebook Developers

It's large scale adoption of Swift in projects like this that helps build confidence in the community that Swift is a "thing."

Erica Sadun

Ted Kremenek writes: “Today is July 27 — and the last planned day to take source-breaking changes for Swift 3." Woohoo, Swift 3 has some awesome changes in it and I can't wait to work with it.


No one likes a slow app, and app startup is often a users first impression of your app. Make it snappy.

Quality Coding

Making custom test assertions in Objective-C could be a pain. But what about Swift? Follow this example to learn the simple steps to make your own.


Sometimes I fear time complexity analysis is a lost art, or at least one constrained to computer scientists. It was nice to see it put into use with some real world analysis with Swift.

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