Weekend Reading, July 10, 2016

Published: Sun, 07/10/16

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Happy Weekend fellow Clean Swifters. Here’s some suggested reading to keep you busy!

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Happy cleaning,


How do you go about splitting up your storyboard into multiple smaller storyboards? And why would you?


What do app update descriptions really mean?

Erica Sadun

An elegant solution for checking if a variable is nil before continuing.

Big Nerd Ranch

Use an RSpec style guide to write test code that is less fragile and more easily understood.

Code Envato Tuts+

You probably know that Swift 3 is coming later this year. It is the first release that incorporates the hard work of a fantastic community.


Adding a UIRefreshControl in iOS 10 to a table view, a collection view, and scroll view is now officially supported. Here's how to do it.


I love building user interfaces with touch interactions and slick animations. Here are some new techniques in iOS 10.

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