Weekend Reading, August 12, 2016

Published: Fri, 08/12/16

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Happy Friday fellow Clean Swifters. I’m heading up to the Poconos in Pennsylvania this weekend looking forward to some much needed downtime. That doesn’t mean I haven’t loaded up my Instapaper queue! Here’s what I’ll be reading.

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Greg Pierce, the creator of the app Drafts, shows a creative implementation of how he’s planning on using a Messages extension with his upcoming iOS10 update.

Erica Sadun

Goodbye NS prefix. A common iOS trivia question is, “What does the NS stand for in Foundation class names?” Do you know? Here’s an overview of all the classes it’s being removed from in Swift 3.


Ever want to try MVVM in Swift without a ton of overhead, or needing to write a lot of code from Scratch? Bond is a great middle of the road option to enable clean MVVM code.


I absolutely love podcasts. It’s a great way to keep your mind thinking about iOS development during those times you can’t actually develop. I came across this comprehensive curated list of iOS development podcasts and even submitted a few of my favorites.


A look at what implicitly unwrapping and force unwrap a Swift Optional mean, and how they differ from each other.

Ray Wenderlich

RWDevCon 2015 was my first RWDevCon. Aside from WWDC it was by far my favorite conference I’ve ever been to. Ticket sales open Monday. Don’t miss out. I’ll be there, and I’d love to meet you.

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