Weekend Reading, August 5, 2016

Published: Fri, 08/05/16

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Happy Weekend fellow Clean Swifters. Aside from checking out this year's incredible Perseid meteor shower , I found some good reading.


What accomplishment are you proud of this week?

Reply to this email and let me know. I'll include your quote next week.
Happy cleaning,

Quality Coding

Is unit testing view controllers worth it? What about other code that interacts with system APIs? I have a powerful, but non-obvious motive.


Asynchronous Testing was made much easier in Xcode with the introduction of expectations and the XCTestExpectation class. Understanding asynchronous testing approaches is critical today's world since so many APIs that we use are asynchronous.

Krzysztof Zabłocki

How you use a simple pre-commit hook to keep your iOS repository in better shape.

Jesse Squires

One of the most common patterns in software design with Objective-C (and sometimes Swift), is the use of enumeration types (enum) as configurations for a class. For example, passing an enum to a UIView to style it in a certain way. In this article, Jesse explains why he thinks this is an anti-pattern and provides a more robust, modular, and extensible approach to solving this problem.


I just discovered the iOSProgramming sub-reddit and wanted to make sure you were aware of it too (no, I haven't been living under a rock). So often in the past I would immediately go to StackOverflow for answers, but it's good to know there are other options out there. It's also a good source for general informational links.

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