Collaborative Special Education Advocacy

Tips and strategies to get the education your child with disabilities deserves.

Yes, it's true! UDL Hacks

Published: Tue, 09/26/23

Do you know who said: "UDL guides educators to look for dynamic solutions. All learners in the classroom benefit from lessons with a variety of “entry…

What AI Can Learn from Teachers

Published: Tue, 09/19/23

Hey, advocacy all-stars and educational leaders! Imagine you're snuggled in your favorite quilt, dreaming about revolutionizing the education system…

Co-teaching: Who is Doing What?

Published: Wed, 09/06/23

"Don't Let Your Child Be a Casualty of Co-Teaching Confusion" is more than just a workshop title; it's a call to action for every parent who deeply…

Have You Heard The News?

Published: Fri, 09/01/23

Picture this: you've just crashed onto the couch after a marathon day. The kids? Finally asleep. Or at least on their way, because let’s be real, step…

Cooking Up Advocacy Strategies With AI

Published: Mon, 08/28/23

Hey Advocacy Champions, Are you stuck in the microwave zone when it comes to advocacy? Tired of those pre-packaged, one-size-fits-all strategies?Well,…

Reframing Disability: Pride and Acceptance

Published: Thu, 07/20/23

As I pulled into the grocery store parking lot, a city bus with a huge advertisement caught my eye. Across the side of the bus was an image of a young…

My mistake, Yikes!

Published: Thu, 07/13/23

Have you ever had one of those days where it's like you're singing your heart out in a concert, only to find out afterwards that the microphone was…

Amplify Your Advocacy with Storied Photos

Published: Tue, 07/11/23

Got loads of summer photos of your child on your phone?Pairing those photos with stories is like striking gold! Join us on Thursday, July 13th as our…

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