Collaborative Special Education Advocacy

Tips and strategies to get the education your child with disabilities needs.

The Good, The Bad, The Missed Opportunities

Published: Tue, 10/31/23

Tired of leaving IEP meetings feeling like opportunities were missed? Join us for a straightforward talk that delves into the good, the bad, and the…

Advocate Smarter, Not Harder

Published: Thu, 10/26/23

You've heard the buzz about using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make your life easier. Yep, it's not just sci-fi! Imagine changing the reading level…

What Vision Are You Painting?

Published: Wed, 10/25/23

Parents around the country tell me how they are not being heard or understood. The stress piles up, and you're left wondering if you're doing enough…

Tired of Advocacy Burnout?

Published: Tue, 10/24/23

😓 Almost all parents e perience one or more of the following problems: You're up past midnight, eyes bleary, googling research on inclusion, checking…

Exciting Updates Await You!

Published: Sat, 10/14/23

You know that feeling when you stumble upon a great discovery and can’t wait to share it with others? That’s e actly what I'm feeling right now! Big…

The Good & Ugly of AI

Published: Wed, 10/11/23

If you haven’t heard yet, I LOVE discovering the possibilities of what Artificial Intelligence (AI) can do to help us make lasting change in our…

You Can Maximize Inclusion with AI

Published: Tue, 10/03/23

We all know that advocating for our children's inclusive education can be a full-time job. Between IEP meetings, emails to teachers, and researching…

5 UDL Hacks You Need to Know

Published: Fri, 09/29/23

Does this sound familiar? As a parent or teacher you have heard about Universal for Learning (UDL) and you not quite sure what UDL really looks like…

Ready to Break Down Some Barriers?

Published: Wed, 09/27/23

Dr. Paula Kluth is the perfect person to share ways to break down barriers! I hope you're planning on joining us tomorrow (Thursday) because Paula…

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