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How the Role of Value Changed in Painting

Published: Sat, 06/11/22

I hope you enjoy this refurbished post from four years ago. Dear, In the history of visual art, there was a time when tone values were used primarily…

Dispelling Another Myth

Published: Sat, 06/04/22

Dear, For many years, I've been a fan of Robert Genn who left us too soon in late May of 2014. His daughter, Sara, continues to re-publish his popular…

Dispelling A Myth about Painting

Published: Sat, 05/28/22

Dear, I'm not sure who first began to teach painting students that we enter a painting from the bottom, but it seems to have stuck, and for many…

Our Built-in Viewer

Published: Sat, 05/21/22

I hope you can join me tomorrow, May 22, for our monthly YouTube live chat. The topic will be the Anatomy of Light. Dear, In last week's post, I…

Finding the Relative Size

Published: Sat, 05/14/22

I hope you enjoy this totally remodeled version on a post from 2018. Dear, Do you ever notice how much you depend upon seeing the relative size of…

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