August Newsletter ~ Miss Penelope Dreadful

Published: Fri, 08/19/22

Miss Penelope Dreadful staring lustily into your soul while caressing a rabbit fur flogger affectionately nicknamed the Savage Squirrel. You can't see them, but Her earrings are sparkly and say
CUNT in big letters. They suit Her.


Professional Dominatrix | Smiling Sadist | Filthy Pervert

Pleasure Addict | Authentic Alpha Female


Bitches, I am BACK!

This month I will be playing at Sydney's OBEY! Domina Party

That's right. I'm no longer on the bench but ready and eager to hook My talons into your imaginations and have My wicked way with you.

Next month I'm gonna tell you more about Oz Kink Fest (presenting 4 workshops in Melbourne); Slave Manor: COVEN (think The Craft but exxxtra kinky); and session availability (!!!) so gird your loins beacuse there's a LOT happening.

I look forward to seeing you, serving Me, soon.
x Miss Penelope Dreadful

Obey! Domina Parties Sydney 28 August

I'm playing at Obey this month!!!

I can't even tell you how horny hungry I am to play with you. It is *BEYOND* words (which is quite an achievement given how verbose I can be!).
There are only a couple of tickets left so make sure you grab one, see if you can satiate My need for pervy play!

Gimme tickets!
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Wanna Fucking Colour?

Some of you perverts have met our glorious resident artist Leah of LHD art at the Dommes & subs munch or the Domina Parties events.

Isn't she just the best??

She has created this extremely cute colouring book and I want you all to buy it for your friends and give it to them. It's vanilla-friendly, but still has lots of explicit and intimate pictures of people enjoying themselves. Here's a sneaky peek of what you can expect.


So you think you can serve?

Opportunities are currently available for individuals that are imaginative, organised, ethical, and committed. 

Tell me more

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