Look around you.

Published: Mon, 01/15/18

// January 15, 2018

Idea + Time = Reality

100 Words isn't a lot so I won't waste a single word.... once I begin. 


If you're inside at the moment, I want you to spend 10 seconds look around you. 

Realise that in 1818, almost everything you see was just an idea. 

Then with effort exerted, those ideas become real things. People then starting improving those things by adding something better or subtracting the superfluous.

Now.... it is 2018. 

The task is mammoth.
We've got 20 years, not 200...
...and we're remaking the entire industrial world.

Starting with these 12 climate solutions. 

Follow me. 
We're having fun.

​​​​– Ryan Jennings

12 Climate Solutions