A farewell request

Published: Thu, 01/25/18

// January 25, 2018

Moving over

The 100-word emails were a 2017 project to work together with Lindsay to write regularly. We did it! Then we turned the mic around to let others share something with our audience. 

However, all of those emails are sent and now we are closing this email experiment down. BUT before we never talk again, I realized something; sending email is fun and I have a lot to say. So if you are still interested in hearing from me I'd love to have you opt in to receiving a weekly email from me.

These emails will most likely be longer than 100 words, but they will focus on design, leadership, life, and more. So, you in? Click here if so.

Otherwise, thank you so much for listening and engaging in 2017! You won't be bothered by us any more (unless you've clicked this link) :)

– Michael