No more diets and a recipe

Published: Sun, 07/08/18

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Happy Sunday! I’m getting ready to head outdoors and wanted to check in first.

This week’s article takes a look at dieting and how we get caught up in the vicious cycle. Dieting seems to be a never ending activity that actually does more harm than good. It creates a negative relationship between us and our bodies, and can leave us pretty down about our self-image and ourself as a whole.

In a sad twist of irony, I’ve included my 4th of July recipe, which you would not find in a “diet.” However, if you adopt a healthy lifestyle way of eating, this recipe is a treat you can enjoy on occasion or in smaller doses.

Have a great week!!!

Yours in Wellness,

Whole Health Goal

In order to obtain a different result in dieting, we have to look at dieting a different way.

Whole Health Goal

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