Time to check your cabinets

Published: Tue, 09/04/18

September 4, 2018View in browser

It’s been a long, hot holiday weekend here in the states. I posted a quick article on Sunday but didn’t have a chance to send it out until now.

In case you didn’t already catch it, here it is. This week my message to you comes from personal experience; my wellness/healing journey. I hope you can take away a useful pearl for your own journey.

I’m also including a link to an article that looks at glyphosate in popular food items. I personally ate a lot of two of them mentioned. In fact, I ate one of them immediately after waking up from both of my breast (lumpectomy) surgeries. So don’t feel bad, ashamed, guilty, whatever. We’ve all been riding in the same ship together.

Yours in Wellness,

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Glyphosate has been found in virtually all foods tested, including PediaSure Enteral Formula nutritional drink, given to infants and children via feeding tube.