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Are you happy? Do you want to be?

Published: Mon, 09/17/18

Hi I'm back!!! I'm e hausted too. I had a very long day today and I talk a bit about it in my post for this week.Here at the homestead we are e…

Time to check your cabinets

Published: Tue, 09/04/18

Patience GrasshopperWhole Health Goal You’ve heard it said that patience is a virtue. Learn how you can use it as a motivator in your wellness…

Your wellness checklist and quiz

Published: Sat, 08/25/18

What Gets in Your Way?Whole Health Goal Take a break and evaluate where you are in your health journey and what is getting in your way. 10 Foods to…

Maybe a better way to detox???

Published: Sun, 08/05/18

Daily Habits for Deto ingHi Happy Sunday!! It's really hot here today. Loving it!! Got some sun time and now I'm taking a break and grabbing a late…

Choosing qualty supplements and essential oils

Published: Sun, 07/15/18

My Doc says I need more…Whole Health Goal Choosing supplements is a process that is confusing but critical to your health and your wallet. Products –…

No more diets and a recipe

Published: Sun, 07/08/18

Dieting as a Form of Insanity?Whole Health Goal In order to obtain a different result in dieting, we have to look at dieting a different way. Coconut…

Summer quinoa salad

Published: Sun, 07/01/18

Summer Quinoa SaladWhole Health Goal It’s been a crazy weekend, so this week’s post is a recipe I concocted yesterday. I needed a cool, refreshing…

Is Keto for you? And a sweet recipe

Published: Sun, 06/24/18

Is Keto Good for the Gut?Whole Health Goal Is a ketogenic diet for you? Is it gut healthy? Read more about the history and future of the ketogenic…

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