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10-1 Don't Be A Victim

Published: Sun, 10/01/23

Mountain Greetings Unfortunately, every year people come home to see there house has been taken by fire, or worse yet, their lives are lost due to a…

9-24 Time To Fill The Freezer

Published: Sun, 09/24/23

Mountain Greetings Do you or anyone in your family hunt? I grew up in a small community where deer season was actually an e cused absence from school!…

9-17 It's Not Too Late

Published: Sun, 09/17/23

Mountain Greetings I asked everyone how much wood they use during the winter. Answers ranged from 'not much' to '12 cords'. We always feel like we're…

9-10 Do You Keep The Lights On At Night?

Published: Sun, 09/10/23

Mountain Greetings Are you a lights on? Or lights off kind of person? This topic has sparked lots of debate over the years. As we roll into daylight…

9-3 Preparing Your Garden For Fall

Published: Sun, 09/03/23

Mountain Greetings The temps finally dropped from the high 90's this week and we could smell fall in the air. You know that smell. The air becomes…

8-20-23 Do You Have The Summer Bug?

Published: Sun, 08/20/23

Mountain Greetings Kids are back to school and that means back to school colds. Whether you have kids in school or not, you can't escape being e…

8-13-23 Waste Not Want Not

Published: Sun, 08/13/23

Mountain Greetings We are HUGE advocates for recycling and repurposing and this goes for food scraps, especially eggshells. A couple of weeks ago, we…

8-6-23 OUCH! That Stung!

Published: Sun, 08/06/23

Mountain Greetings The other day I was minding my own business trying to cook dinner and the moment I walked outside, one of those nasty little sweat…

How Early Do You Start? 8-1-23

Published: Tue, 08/01/23

Mountain Greetings With the gardens in full swing and everyone's counters overflowing with fresh produce, NOW is the time to start thinking about…

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