August 7, 2017 Community News from My Homestead Life

Published: Mon, 08/07/17

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The past two weeks have been very productive with our construction. 
We finally finished our daughters bedroom and she is now sleeping in her OWN room!! Praise God!
This week we are working on purging her old toys and re-claiming our family and living room.
In addition, we are also working on the sheetrock in our hall and kitchen. 

Our goal is to have our house on the market by the end of this month. 
I can see a small light at the end of our construction tunnel and we are one step closer to our bigger homesteading dream. 

Our planted gardens have taken a hit by the extreme heat but we have this amazing volunteer garden that has grown where our chicken run was.

The funny thing is, I didn't plant it, we haven't watered it once or fertilized it.  

With the right soil, the right nutrients and the right seeds, mother nature does a better job then we do. Sometimes you have sit back and let nature do its thing.

We will be wrapping this week up by celebrating our eldest sons birthday, he will be 23 yrs old. I believe he wants to try some Thai food and ride a zip line? I believe mom will be on the ground taking pictures. 

Our goal is to invite you to join us from conception to completion and form a Community of like-minded people to share this adventure with.  
Amber B
May your gardens be green and your land be fertile 

From Our Homestead to Yours,
Amber B
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