October 16, 2017 BIG News from My Homestead Life

Published: Mon, 10/16/17

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Homestead Hunt

I have a Mind-Blowing, Earth-Shattering, Life-Changing Announcement for y'all- It is the biggest news in my family's history!!! 

Drum roll please............

We are FINALLY ready to announce we selling our Coastal Homestead and moving to the mountains in Tennessee to start a farm!!

And guess what?? We want to invite YOU to be a part of our journey!

We are hosting a Homestead Hunt and we're asking for your help in finding our forever land. 

Since you are a Community Member, you are the first to know about this amazing journey. 

But wait- there is something in it for you too!
We’re offering some gift certificates for the people who find what we think are the top three locations + a fan favorite!

After the submissions are made, we will visit our favorite locations, video our experience and ask for your input. 

This is truly a community journey. 

If you would like to learn more and to see what we are looking for in our future homestead land visit our site by clicking here. 
Make sure to watch the video- our little bit wants a zoo as well! 

To kickstart this adventure, I will host a Facebook Live Video THIS Friday October 20, 2017 at 12:00 pm EST. 
Hopefully, I will answer any questions and give you more insight about our plans. 
Mark your calendars and tune in by clicking this link to our Facebook Page

Time is of the essence. 
We are asking for all submissions to be in by December 9, 2017 and we will visit properties in December. 

The Hunt is ON!!!!!


My Homestead Life Community Cookbook. 

We invite You to be a part of My Homestead Life Community Cookbook!
Recipes from all over the world, from all different kitchens and homesteads, collected in this Community Cookbook by You and for You. 

If you would like to be a part of this amazing project and submit a recipe, please click on this link to read the guidelines.

All recipes must be submitted by November 12, 2017 so we can publish the book in time for the holidays.

Southern' Sayin' Of The Week:

" Come Hell or High Water "

Do you have a Southern Sayin to share?

Our goal is to invite you to join us from conception to completion and form a Community of like-minded people to share this adventure with.  
Amber B
May your gardens be green and your land be fertile 

From Our Homestead to Yours,
Amber B
Homestead Hunt- Help us find homestead land
My family and I have decided to pull our roots from the coast of South Carolina to establish a homestead in Tennessee!
We are leaving everything and everyone we know behind to pursue our larger homesteading dream
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