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Published: Mon, 10/30/17

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Homestead Hunt

I received some very good advice this past week in regards to looking for our land. 

#1- Never fall in love with property  
#2- Don't ever be afraid to walk away from a bad deal       

I want this (land) so bad, I was getting ready to make a HUGE mistake. 
Faith and Patience are two things we should all practice daily.
I run in short supply of both.
However, I am happy to announce I have listened to the advice of my fellow homesteaders. 
It's great to have a community, isn't it?

We are receiving some impressive leads and I can't wait to view and video the properties in December- then share with you!

If you would like to join the hunt and possibly earn some AMAZING FREE thank you gifts- click here to find out how
All submissions need to be in by December 9, 2017 and we will visit properties in December.  
The Hunt is ON!!!!!

Southern' Sayin' Of The Week:

" It’s so cold I saw a politician with his hands in his own pockets "

Do you have a Southern Sayin to share?

Our goal is to invite you to join us from conception to completion and form a Community of like-minded people to share this adventure with.  
Amber B
May your gardens be green and your land be fertile 

From Our Homestead to Yours,
Amber B
Pumpkin Edible Arrangement + BONUS Video

Seriously y’all, this is one of the most stunning edible arrangement centerpieces I have ever created. Almost too pretty to eat!

Our DIY Pumpkin Edible Arrangement can fit any dietary need. Easy to make with our step-by-step instructions and video. 

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Want to have some slimy good fun with the kids? This DIY Herbal Pumpkin Slime For Kids is easy to make and the children love helping out.
With just a couple simple ingredients you probably have on hand, you can create hours of fun.
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Our Most Popular Post On Facebook
Funny and very creative UFO chicken coop.
Take me to your breeder- bwahaha

This is one coop you will want for your homestead. 

They are trying to find intelligent life on earth!

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