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Published: Mon, 11/13/17

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I can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving! Wow- where did the time go?
As we get closer to the holidays (my favorite time of the year), a small amount of anxiety always kicks in. 
Did I remember everyone on my list? 
Will I have enough money for gifts?
Will I be able to cook all the dishes I have saved on my Pinterest board? 
What about guests? Who do we invite over? Do they all get along?

This year I am throwing those anxiety triggers out the window. 
Instead, we have decided to embrace the holiday spirit without embracing the commercialism. 
I'm tired of feeling guilty because I can't buy my children everything their friends have. 
And cooking? We are going to our church to eat dinner with others and only have to make one dish to pass. 
It's time I take back my holidays and enjoy them vs stress over them. 

What about you? What are your holiday plans this year? 


We are on the hunt for land to homestead on and asking for your help in the search. 

If you would like to join the hunt and possibly earn some AMAZING FREE thank you gifts- click here to find out how
All submissions need to be in by December 9, 2017 and we will visit properties in December.  
The Hunt is ON!!!!!​​​​​​​

Southern' Sayin' Of The Week: 

" Pert nigh but not plum"
Means: close but not quite

Do you have a Southern Sayin to share? They crack me up!

Our goal is to invite you to join us from conception to completion and form a Community of like-minded people to share this adventure with.  
Amber B

May your gardens be green and your land be fertile 

From Our Homestead to Yours,
Amber B
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Our Most Popular Post On Facebook

In honor of the holiday season I am hosting a Pay It Forward each week on my Facebook page from now until Christmas. 
Visit my page each week on Wednesday to see how to enter. 
Then on Thursday at 10 am est I will announce the winner live. 
We can also chat over a cup of coffee. 
Winners will receive something homemade from my store! 
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