December 11, 2017 MHL Community News

Published: Mon, 12/11/17

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Have you ever wondered why the holidays are all hustle and bustle? 
Kids class party, dinner with friends, family gift exchange, the local Christmas play, the ladies Christmas Luncheon, the school field trip, then there's the baking, ohhhh the baking. And let's not forget the shopping and the crowds, can you say ANXIETY?
I say 'bah humbug'. 

We decided to celebrate Christmas in our own time this year and in our own way. Allowing ourselves to enjoy the season without being dictated by the calendar. We may celebrate on the 25th, we may not. Who knows? 
Take your holiday back from the commercial industry, slow down, be in the moment and make memories with old time family traditions. 

Construction Update
The kitchen is done. The family room done. The master bath done. 
All good news. 
Here's the bad. When the kitchen destruction led to a broken water line and blocked our water to the kids bathroom, we realized we had a leak in the wall, behind the surround. The only way to fix it was to remove the tub surround. 
Sooooo, a complete bathroom gut it is. 
It is a tiny (tiny) bathroom but it is the main bath of the house. 
We have decided to get rid of the tub altogether and build a walk in shower. 
I am shopping Craigslist for tile today and hunting for fixtures on sale. I will share pictures as we make progress. 

I'm looking forward to sharing this journey with you and I encourage you to share yours. 

Southern' Sayin' Of The Week: 

" Busier than a 3 legged dog during bird huntin' season"

Do you have a Southern Sayin to share? They crack me up!

Our goal is to invite you to join us from conception to completion and form a Community of like-minded people to share this adventure with.  
Amber B

May your gardens be green and your land be fertile 

From Our Homestead to Yours,
Amber B
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