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What Is Your Pain Telling You? 🏥

Published: Wed, 03/30/22

Did you know that your body can talk? Well. Not with words. But with your health. Your body sends you messages through your feelings. When you ignore…

The War: 4 Things to Do - Step 1

Published: Wed, 03/02/22

The War: Let Your Feelings Flow It didn’t really matter what I was going to teach you this month because Russia invaded Ukraine. And it doesn’t matter…

Boost Your Self-Love: Play 🎧

Published: Wed, 02/23/22

Boost Your Self-Love: Play You won’t argue with me that you don't play anywhere NEAR enough to keep your heart happy! Given: Alphas are addicted to…

Boost Your Self-Love: Silence 🤫

Published: Wed, 02/16/22

Boost Your Self-Love Most people that I’ve met may find it hard to imagine me being silent. But I actually have wonderful periods of introversion. It…

Boost Your Self-Love: Fantasies💭❤️

Published: Wed, 02/09/22

Boost Your Self-Love Fantasies Do you fantasize? Do you make time to let yourself dream just for YOU? Fantasize We Did It As Little Girls… When we…

Boost Your Self-Love Month ❤️💃

Published: Wed, 02/02/22

Boost Your Self-Love February already! I want all my Alphas to CRANK UP your Self-Love this month. This morning I was a speaker at an online event…

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