Special offers from NightBlooming

🎃 Two New Sampler Kits! 🛍️

Published: Tue, 10/31/23

No tricks, only treats! Two new sampler kits! Just in time for trick-or-treating, but there's no tricks here, only treats! More kits are on the way,…

🌿Salve Name Reveal for Patrons! 🧡

Published: Wed, 10/18/23

I am SO e cited to finally share this! One Salve to Rule Them All.. Revealed! Two years ago, I made the toughest decision I'd ever made for…

✨$10 off $40 and Rollerball Perfumes! 🎇

Published: Mon, 10/09/23

There's some nuance involved here, please read carefully! 💚 Normally I'd never encourage you to buy from Etsy instead of NightBlooming because I get…

⚰️New Blend: Astarion's Cologne BG3 🌘

Published: Fri, 09/15/23

Very mild spoile Astarion's Cologne This one was a customer request, but I couldn't pass on offering it up to everyone! It's no secret I am a gigantic…

🌿 Fresh Batch of Lassëa Bars! 🧼

Published: Fri, 08/11/23

and they smell AMAZING! Lassëa is back in stock! And I am pretty sure you can smell the scent of Eventide from the street after making all these bars!…

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