ISRA Informational Alert - SB1966 - Thank you for your effrorts

Published: Fri, 05/31/19


ISRA Informational Alert - SB1966 held in Senate Judiciary Committee - Bill will not be called

In Wednesday's  House session, SB1966. , Kathleen Willis' infringing "Fix The FOID" bill,  passed on a floor vote and went back to the Senate for concurrence on the three amendments.

There was a Senate Judiciary Hearing yesterday but the bill was not called, the amendments were "held in committee".

Today there was a Senate Judiciary Hearing without SB1966 being considered.

The bill will remain held in this committee, and the spring legislative session will end at Midnight without passage of this bill in the Illinois Senate.

Thank you for your efforts during this legislative session, your support was vital in halting this dangerous legislation.

Your ISRA Lobbying Team was there fighting for you, and you did your part supporting the Second Amendment Rights of you and your fellow Illinois Gun Owners.

If you are receiving this alert and are not an ISRA member, please join and help support the fight to keep your 2nd Amendment Rights.

Richard A. Pearson
ISRA Executive Director

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