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Eyes To See

Published: Tue, 04/05/22

What Uncle Willie's Glass Eye Could See We called him Uncle Willie. A little old man who sat near the front of the church so he could hear the worship…

Wounds And Tombs Go Together

Published: Tue, 03/29/22

Walking Wounded A hear a cry from the battlefield... another soldier down! Can you hear it? Or is your own wound screaming above your fellow soldiers'…

Maybe You Need A Hug

Published: Tue, 03/08/22

I'm Calling You To Rest In Me Sometimes, without saying a word, God only wants to hold us. Let Him hold you today. Years ago, my ministry almost…

The Grand Finale Of Servanthood

Published: Wed, 02/23/22

Shaking the Gates of Hell With a Basin of Water and a Towel Recently, as I was waking up, a dream slipped into the bedroom and curiously wakened me.

God Can Use Ice Cream For His Glory

Published: Wed, 02/09/22

There's Room At The Cross For You I remember like it was yesterday, at the early age of si, my sister and I with some help would stand on chairs…

Newsrooms Continue To Shake!

Published: Tue, 01/25/22

A "Recall" To Pray For News Anchors! INTRO: This word was released in 2014. It came back to me this morning (12/26/21) as we have only seen the tip of…

Speak Life!

Published: Sun, 01/16/22

It's Time to Nullify the Spirit of Premature Death! "...According to the greatness of Your power, preserve those who are doomed to die." Psalm…

Things Happen When God Prays Through Us

Published: Thu, 12/30/21

2022 - A Year When God Interrupts Our Prayer Life It's hard to believe God would say such a thing. .."Your government is one of My greatest harvest…

The Power Of A Closed Bible

Published: Mon, 12/20/21

The Bible Is Always Begging You To Open It Recently I prayed, "Lord, let me read the Bible like it's the very first time. Open my eyes to behold…

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