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Are You Ok?

Published: Tue, 06/13/23

What's Eating You? I have noticed something about the love of God. God's love is not fair. He even loves our enemies. The Lord showed me as we pray…

Health Update:

Published: Tue, 05/30/23

Dear Friends,Being 74 yrs. old now, I thought I should see my heart specialist since it's been 4 years. Today the EKG, blood pressure, blood test and…

Plan Early

Published: Tue, 05/16/23

Living In Forgiveness Plan now to forgive the ne t person who will offend you, because there will be one. And after that, another one. Plan on living…

The Earth Is The Lord's!

Published: Tue, 04/18/23

Impressions From This Fresh Outpouring Dear Friends, Here are some lingering impressions from the Asbury outpouring regarding what God is now doing.

God Believes In Healing!

Published: Tue, 04/04/23

When Your Sickness Meets The HealerEarly in life cancer was spreading through my mother's body and the doctor gave her a death sentence of five years.

Let The Music Begin!

Published: Tue, 03/21/23

A "Davidic Anointing" is Descending Upon Musical Instruments ( I received this word in 2005 and believe its time has come in this great outpouring. )…

Repentance: A Most Beautiful Word

Published: Tue, 03/14/23

Welcome To The Altar... Surgery Is Now Underway I used to think that we, as part of the Body of Christ, sat in the hospital waiting room praying,…

Chariots Of Fire!

Published: Tue, 02/28/23

The Amish Are Coming!This morning I heard the thunder of hoofbeats of a multitude of horses running, pulling Amish buggies behind them, appearing as…

Your Bible Is Always Begging You to Open It

Published: Tue, 02/14/23

The Power Of A Closed BibleDear Friends, I have heard several testimonies of sick people who had all kinds of prayer, but nothing changed. One woman…

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