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Unplanned Bike Ride

Published: Thu, 02/08/24

The Bumps On The Road I wish one of us five kids on one bike would have seen that bump sign before we started down the hill. But no one saw it. If…

A Wake Up Call

Published: Wed, 01/24/24

The Ram In The Bush Dear Friends, The follow-up with my wife Dagmar's MRI shows that the brain bleed is resolving itself and will be completely gone…

*** Update From My Wife, Dagmar

Published: Tue, 01/16/24

The Power of Corporate Prayer Dear Friends,This is Dagmar Yount writing to you with an overflowing heart of praise. I'm so thankful to our Lord Jesus!…

When Trauma Becomes Our Message

Published: Thu, 01/04/24

ICU = I SEE YOU!Looking back on Christmas Day with that traumatic three-day e perience in ICU concerning my wife, Dagmar's brain bleed, I now know the…

Awesome Things Can Happen In Three Days!

Published: Thu, 12/28/23

Update on my wife, Dagmar:My last update shared that Dagmar was moved from ICU to a regular room early Wednesday morning. When I walked into her room…

Moved Out Of ICU! There's Power In Prayer!

Published: Wed, 12/27/23

Latest Update On My Wife, Dagmar Tuesday 6:50 PM - The RN was in and the good news is a stable head CT! The area of bleed is still there, but has not…

Urgent Prayer Needed

Published: Mon, 12/25/23

Dear Friends, Urgent prayer is needed for my wife, Dagmar. This afternoon on Christmas Day we took her to the emergency room being very sick. After an…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Published: Tue, 11/21/23

Table Ministry I believe more can happen over a table with a few believers eating together than in a huge conference. Is it any wonder the last thing…

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