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Write This Down!

Published: Wed, 11/23/22

Not Finished! Dear Friends,On a ministry trip this past weekend, I was awakened by these words... "When your children took an e it from Me, I took it…

Transparent Encouragement

Published: Tue, 11/15/22

Dear Friends, This is my 2nd interview with Jennifer Shelton Mallan today on her "Come Home" Program on CTN in Florida. There are several bullet…

A Healing Balm For Families

Published: Wed, 11/09/22

So Your Family Isn't Perfect? Be Encouraged. So your family isn't perfect? Be encouraged. There's no perfect family since Adam and Eve fell. Somehow…

Contagious Healing!

Published: Tue, 11/01/22

How My Mother Activated Healing In Our Family At eleven years of age Mom saw a huge goiter instantly disappear from my grandmother's neck in a Kathryn…

Important Update

Published: Thu, 10/27/22

Did You See This? Dear friends,Recently, some of you have contacted me that when you had tried to make a donation to my ministry it did not go…

Every Cell In Our Body Responds To Our Words

Published: Tue, 10/25/22

God's Prescription For Sickness Has 'NO' Side EffectsI will never forget what God spoke to me when my life was hanging in the balance 19 years ago…

The Father's Heart Is For Our Families

Published: Tue, 10/18/22

Dear Friends, Your prayers are prying bigger doors open for us to reach more people than we could on our own. It was one of those, "How did we get…

Sometimes We Stumble Onto God's Will

Published: Tue, 10/04/22

Dear Friends, Because of your love and prayers the ministry for my son and I is going strong. Each time I get up to minister my prayer is, "Lord, do…

It's Time To Worship!

Published: Wed, 09/14/22

A "Davidic Anointing" is Descending Upon Musical InstrumentsI once heard a testimony where the Holy Ghost was falling upon the people during worship.

The Fruit Of Your Prayers

Published: Wed, 08/31/22

You can watch this video episode of "Hope Today" by clicking here. Dear Friends, Your prayers again worked wonders this past weekend as we traveled…

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