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Repentance: A Most Beautiful Word

Published: Tue, 03/14/23

Welcome To The Altar... Surgery Is Now Underway I used to think that we, as part of the Body of Christ, sat in the hospital waiting room praying,…

Chariots Of Fire!

Published: Tue, 02/28/23

The Amish Are Coming!This morning I heard the thunder of hoofbeats of a multitude of horses running, pulling Amish buggies behind them, appearing as…

Your Bible Is Always Begging You to Open It

Published: Tue, 02/14/23

The Power Of A Closed BibleDear Friends, I have heard several testimonies of sick people who had all kinds of prayer, but nothing changed. One woman…

God Understands Us

Published: Tue, 01/17/23

Dear Friends,This video was created by Esther Company to minister to abused women, but I also believe it is for all of us who are broken in some area.

Buckle Up Tight!

Published: Tue, 01/10/23

Word for 2023: We Have A Lift-Off!I sense the Lord saying to many: "For those who have e perienced e tended flight delays in their giftings, callings,…

May We Come Home To The Father This Year

Published: Tue, 01/03/23

A Word For 2023: A Cry From Pigpens Will Be Heard In Our Land, As We Discover There's A Prodigal In All Of Us. Luke 15:11-32 (NIV With the cleansing…

A Word For 2023: Keep Worshiping!

Published: Tue, 12/27/22

David Was A Full-Time Worshiper, Part-Time ShepherdThe bear that came against David's flock of sheep was stupid. It thought it was coming to get some…

Watch Your Mouth!

Published: Tue, 12/20/22

Talk God's Language! Growing up, I remember more than once, when I said something I shouldn't have, my mother would say, "Watch your mouth, boy, watch…

Guard The Bridges!

Published: Tue, 12/13/22

The Enemy Wins Wars By Burning Bridges Be careful of burning bridges concerning relationships. Years ago, I felt justified to write someone off from…

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