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10 Innovative Ideas for Promoting Your Book

Published: Thu, 06/29/23

POWER WRITERS REPORT Don't Hesitate—Innovate! You poured your very self into your manuscript, painstakingly ensuring that every word was in the right…

Free Book Promotion Workshop

Published: Fri, 06/09/23

Illumify Authors Special Announcement What's Better Than Free? Illumify Authors, Leah Paulos, founder of Press Shop PR, is hosting a free "Book…

The Parameters of Writing With ChatGPT

Published: Thu, 05/18/23

ARE YOU REPLACEABLE? Thank you so much for attending Tuesday night’s webinar. Hopefully, you found it helpful and inspiring. Now, I rely on ChatGPT…

Write Better And Faster: Only 2 Hours Away

Published: Tue, 05/16/23

Ready to Revolutionize Your Writing? We're less than 2 hours away from our ChatGPT webinar! Karen Bouchard and I are e cited to show you the secrets…

Write Better And Faster: Only 24 Hours Away

Published: Mon, 05/15/23

PUT AI TO WORK FOR YOU What would you give to cut your writing time in half? How much would you pay to hire a research assistant who's ALREADY…

Three More Mistakes Fiction Writers Make

Published: Thu, 05/11/23

POWER WRITERS REPORT That's The Look Of Another Happy ReaderReading YOUR Book Every author must be more committed to their audience than they are to…

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