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Free Traffic With ChatGPT?

Published: Mon, 01/30/23

Hello and welcome!Today is a sunny but freezing day here in Somma Lombardo. And even if my phone tells me there are 8 degrees Celsius, I do not trust…

Learn How To Do It On Your Own!

Published: Sat, 01/28/23

Hello and welcome! At the end, for a problem on the software, I decided to cancel my launch. I did it for you, because my customers are always my…

A Curious Test I Did With ChatGPT 🎤

Published: Fri, 01/27/23

Hello and welcome! If you follow me on Facebook, you already know what I'm talking about. During a Live I was doing on my Italian group, one of my…

177 ChatGPT Prompts For Content Generation

Published: Wed, 01/25/23

Hello and welcome!Today I found a new collection of 177 prompts for content generation to use with ChatGPT.You can create:+ Articles+ Lead Magnets+…

They Found This By Accident!

Published: Tue, 01/24/23

Hello and welcome! This is a quick heads up… I have BIG NEWS! Marketing e perts Stuart Turnbull & Bart Hennin have just released their latest BRAND…

It's My Birthday, And You Get The Gift!

Published: Mon, 01/23/23

Hello and welcome! Today is my 41st birthday! Even if I only have my parents to pass it with, it has been a great day unitl now!But I want to make YOU…

Next-Gen Website Builder Is Here!

Published: Sat, 01/21/23

Hello and welcome! As you probably know, I always suggest Clickfunnels for building funnels, sales pages, bonus pages, and more. But I also know it…

27 AI Tools To Combine With ChatGTP?

Published: Thu, 01/19/23

Hello and welcome!Before starting today's email, I added a new 30 mins video to the OTO2 of ChatGPT Empire. It shows how to build a 150+ pages ebook…

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